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    Real love .

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    Amanjeet Singh is from East Palo Alto, California. He was last seen with his Mexican friend, Angel, who is also missing, at a Starbucks in EPA last week. They have been missing for a week. They were headed towards the wooded area close to Stanford and Palo Alto. Amanjeet is 6 ft tall, small build, last seen donning a black turban, and has a small beard. Please share his photo with hashtag #findamanjeet and #missingsikhteen CALL POLICE IF SEEN! His family, friends and community are praying for his safe return! #missingteen #California #eastpaloalto #amanjeetchahal #sikh #khalsa #amanjeetsingh #bayarea

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    People walk on a road covered by rose-petals, spread by wholesale dealers for drying purpose, in the outskirts of Lahore.

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    Thought I’d end this day by sharing this truly awesome and ✨💫Magical💫✨ painting of Sri Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) by the creative Bav Singh Kudhail @bav_k AKA the “Drawer of Dreams”🌠


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    clothes I wish I had.

    Anjali Mahtani Couture Lenghas

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