4. Don’t Mess With Me by Jas Charanjiva

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    Gurdwara in Punjab near families pind…. It used to be one room when I was small. Look at it now

    This is beautiful man

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  6. when she rejects your gobi

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    Set is Beautiful

    one of my favs

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    My first competition

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    "Hollywood filmmakers do not write good substantive roles for Indian actors. Indian actors usually only get to be the nurse or hero’s roommate, the sidekick, the bit part. They are stereotyped. Even the biggest Indian stars can at best aspire for meaningful cameos. On the rare occasion they do get a slightly more substantial role it’s only to add an ‘exotic’ element to the film. Indian characters make little impact to the central themes of Hollywood films. Gravity provides a classic case. Everyone remembers George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. Poor Phaldut Sharma is easily forgotten. Of course, there are productions like Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire that have a heavy Indian presence. But these are India-centric scripts that simply cannot do without Indian actors. Hollywood filmmakers view Indian characters through the prism of social realities in their country. - Imran Khan

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  12. Disgraced

    Can i just say how disgeaced i am by my own people? If you are not aware of what happened at the golden temple on the annivesary of operation blue star, i’ll tell you.

    A whole bunch of idiodic sikh men brought out their swords to sluagther other sikh men over prayers for operation blue star.

    Seriously punjabi’s? Your own people? Utterly disgusted at this. Oh and don’t forget the fact that it was all held at the golden temple, the most sacred Place in india and you had to ruin that. Keep your manhood at home when going to a gurudwara; a peaceful environment, gods house.

    India, advance yourself a little and get some common sense that violence is what we need to get out of. Are you forgeting ‘84? Do you want to repeat this, but our own people against each other?


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    Traditional drawing

    love this 

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