1. So here’s the deal,

    We all know any region in india has a problem with same race marriages.

    Who are we to say you can’t marry thw person you love, social media? NO!

    let’s make a stand and help these lovers to freely love.

    It’s the 21st century, the century to make a change.

  2. punjabi-cinema:

    Main charcha akhbara da
    Shaunki hathiyara da
    Boss sarkara da
    Mere varga na ethe koi disda

    Main.. tashan sardaran da
    Bad stara da, yaar main yaaran da
    Mere varga na ethe koi disda

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  3. Keep calm yo

  4. Look at those legs


  5. Song in my head right now

    Pooja kive aa,
    Ki kerdi si,
    Don’t disturb me,
    Mein pardi si.


  8. Song i have stuck in my head

    Aaja aaja, mein hun pyaar tera.
    Allah allah, inkaar tera
    Oh aaja a-aaja a-aaja a-a-aaaahh.

  10. policymic:

    Rapper’s racist photo holds valuable lesson for America

    For the record, Budden is a 33-year-old adult.

    The photo was taken during an airport security check, and deductive reasoning — along with the fact that I wasn’t born yesterday — suggests that Budden’s “Not on my watch Homeboy !” caption is a thinly veiled suggestion that this man is a terrorist.

    Since racist jokes are always hilarious and never bother anyone, Budden seemed surprised that the Twitterverse had some withering comments about him.

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  13. Beautiful

  15. Mickeysingh- bad girl

    can i just say YES!